BabeRuth Memorabilia and New York Yankee Antique Sports Cards

George Herman Ruth, Jr. is a legend of the game. Born on Feb. 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland George “The Babe” Ruth would become a world class baseball player and marvel.

BabeRuth memorabilia to New York Yankee fans symbolizes the magic of baseball. BabeRuth memorabilia showcases the golden era of the game. From his nickname “BabeRuth” to the “Curse of the Bambino” to the “The House That Babe Built” to “The Called Shot” and a career of 714 homeruns – BabeRuth memorabilia spans his accomplishments and some of baseball’s finest memories.

From his humble beginnings George Herman Ruth looked up to a Prefect of Discipline Brother Matthais at the St Mary’s Industrial School where Babe Ruth spent 12 years learning and living. Brother Matthais aided him with confidence, support, and honed his skills in baseball. This is where the BabeRuth memorabilia begins.

At 19 yrs. old, scout Jack Dunn signed him onto a minor league team where the fellow players called him “Jack’s newest babe” and the from then on he was known as “BabeRuth”. He became one of the greatest hitters of all time & equally talented pitcher. In the 1916 World Series he pitched 13 scoreless innings, still a record today. BabeRuth memorabilia captures this moment in baseball history.

BabeRuth memorabilia is known mainly for the New York Yankee years, when Babe Ruth changed the history of the NYY winning tradition and ideas of excellence. In 1923, the NY Yankees could finally afford to build Yankee Stadium, thanks to Babe’s draw of fans and ticket sales. Therefore the stadium was referred to as “The House That Babe Built”. Fans enjoy the BabeRuth memorabilia that showcases framed photography and paintings of the beginning days at Yankee Stadium.

Another classic BabeRuth memorabilia pose is the “called shot” where Babe Ruth points his bat to center field and smacks a homerun in the 1932 World Series. Capture this moment with a framed rendition. BabeRuth memorabilia is a favorite for New York Yankee fans, adorning the walls of offices, homes, and sports bars. Find a piece of BabeRuth memorabilia to keep with your generations of baseball fans.