YankeeStadium Tours and Pricing Details

“The House That Babe Built” is the majestic Yankee Stadium that sits in a New York City neighborhood. Each year hundreds of thousands of fans attend games and take YankeeStadium Tours, to cheer on their team and learn more about the nostalgic Yankee history.

YankeeStadium Tours include a behind-the-scenes perspective to one of the world’s greatest baseball teams. Four types of YankeeStadium Tours are available: Classic, Champions, Champions Plus, and the Birthday Tour Package.

Reserve your tickets in advance for the YankeeStadium Tours because there is no guarantee for availability on tour day. The New York Yankee Box Office is open M-Sat 9-5pm and Sun 10-4pm, purchase tickets at these advanced ticket windows or by calling Ticketmaster.

Online tickets can also be purchased and printed at home. The Yankees provide this fast and no-hassle service to all fans seeking a tour. Simply check the day and month you wish to purchase a YankeeStadium Tour and within minutes you are able to print out your tickets and receipt.

The Classic YankeeStadium Tours includes: Yankee History, Field Access, Monument Park, Dugout, Press Box, and Clubhouse access when the team is on the road. Adults are $14 and Children/Seniors $7.

The Champions YankeeStadium Tours includes: 1hr. 20 minute film from inside the Adidas Suite along with the Classic Tour Access. This must be booked in advance and costs $20/$14. The Champions Plus YankeeStadium Tours also include a visit to the Great Moments Room, a Luxury Suite, and the Yankee Club. It lasts 1 hr. 35 minutes and includes a special New York Yankee souvenir.

The Birthday Bash Is a YankeeStadium Tour that is booked in advance for a minimum of 12 people. For $35/person, the fans get to walk onto the field, explore the Clubhouse and Dugout, Sit in the PressBox, and learn the History and Operations of Yankee Stadium. It includes Pizza, Soda, and Cake, a 20 minute film from inside the Adidas Suite, and a souvenir.